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Updated: May 15, 2018


This post will provide a quick overview of what we aim to chat about in this space. The world of Grape Beer is vast and largely unexplored. Of course, breweries have been brewing beer with grapes for quite some time now, but no one has devoted their entire brewery to exploring the nuances, intricacies and possibilities of this path. And we say path, rather than style, because it really is a new direction.

You might say the breweries that tried this before us took a day trip out on these waters or maybe even a long excursion far enough out that they lost sight of land. Our plan is to load up our boat, stock extra provisions, grab our charts and shove off towards the horizon with barely a glance backwards. We know where we’re heading, but you never can tell what lies just over the horizon. Who knows? We might see a Kraken or two out there.

There are always new things to learn in brewing. Our intention is to embrace this opportunity to discover, to take side paths when we can and to, above all, approach this with humility and respect.

One last thing, since this is a new direction we figure it ought to have a separate name. Grape Beer just doesn't seem to properly sum it all up. Oenology is the science and study of winemaking. So let's call them Oenobeers.

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