The first commercially produced grape beer was likely Vigneronne from Cantillon,a small, traditional family-owned brewery in Brussels, Belgium. On the brewery’swebsite it states the name Vigneronne Cantillon was given to their grape brew in1987. The beer is comprised of a two-year-old lambic with either muscat or chardonnay grapes. Since it takes two years to produce, the first bottling was likely released in 1989, though brewer Jean-Pierre Van Roy was experimenting with a white grape lambic as early as the 1970’s.

The first year-round commercially produced grape beer was Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch, which debuted in 2000. Based on the research of archaeologist Dr.Patrick McGovern, this beer aimed to reproduce a beverage found in the tomb of King Midas. Analyzing the dried compounds in the 2,700-year-old drinking vessel Dr. McGovern concluded the ingredients included grapes, barley, honey and saffron. At a dinner honoring the late beer authority, Michael Jackson, Dr. McGovern challenged a group of brewers to produce a beverage based on his research.

Sam Caligione, the founder of Dogfish Head Brewery, ultimately triumphed and a year-round Oenobeer was born.

All we can say for sure about Oenobeers is they are a beer with up to 49% of the fermentables coming from grapes. It can be anything from hoppy to sweet, sour or dry, light or dark - it’s all fair game. Our aim is to see where we can go with this; to explore, discover and learn. It’s a blank canvas and that’s exciting. We know great

flavors are out there waiting to be found. And that’s what it’s really about, right?


Sea of Cherries

Crisp, mineral and refreshing. Brewed with 33% natural Pino Noir grapes from Oregon. Fresh cherries dominate the flavor profile. Beware, you’ll never believe it’s 8.5%abv!

25CL (8.5 OZ) POUR - $8   TASTER - $3.50    GROWLER - $25

Sogni D'Oro (Golden Dreams) - Strong Belgian Golden

The 46% of Gewürztraminer and Marsanne grapes from Oregon and Washington create a vinous and flinty profile. Definitely meant for a fruity white wine lover, but more versed on a Strong Belgian Golden style with the dryness typical of a Duvel beer.  11.6%abv

25cl (8.5oz) Pour - $9      Taster - $5    GROWLER $30

Short France (Sparkling Oenobeer) - Franciacorta

A tip of the hat to the beautiful Italian Franciacorta wines, the champagne-like high carbonation balances the dryness and the high abv. Thiswas brewed with a 45% of skinless Pinot Noir grapes, classically used forsparkling wines and rosés. The color will leave you astonished. 12%abv

20cl (6.75oz) Pour - $9      Taster - $5    GROWLER $35

Furore (The Grapes of Wrath) - New England Oeno-IIPA


Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Fiction Brewing, this New

England IIPA is brewed with 49% of Malbec grapes. This is the first of its kind - a NEIIPA with red grapes - and showcases aromas of cherry,

berries and strawberries like nothing else ever did and clocks in at a

dangerous (but wine-like)13%abv.

25cl (8.5oz) Pour - $12      Taster - $6    GROWLER $30

Repetita Iuvant (Repeating is Good) - Nut Brown

A dry nut brown ale in the classic style. Complimented by 11% Viognier grapes from Walla Walla Valley, the dried nut character shines through thanks to the malt bill in a beautiful organoleptic bouquet. Hints of hazelnut are unmistakable on the nose and palate and the dryness leaves space for a long, delicate licorice finish. Light brown in color and dangerously quaffable, this is a humble tip of the hat to the English brown ales. 7.2%abv

35cl (11.8oz) Pour - $8      Taster - $3.50   GROWLER $20

 Rosé Plus (Oenobeers Rosé) - Belgian Brune

Brewed in collaboration with Valerio Munzi of Birra+ in Rome, the aroma strikes the perfect balance between a classic Belgian Brune and a Spumante wine. The 35% of Nebbiolo grapes from Piemonte, Italy impart a definite champagne-like character that is complimented by the toffee notes in the malt bill. Fresh, unripe fruit combines perfectly on the palate with an extreme dryness which leaves the show to the subtle salty tones and the high carbonation. Together with the marked acidity they give this Oenobeers Rosé a true sparkling wine character. 7%abv

20cl (6.75oz) Pour - $9      Taster - $5    GROWLER $30

Dura Lex Sed Lex (Hard Law, But Still a Law) - Dubbel Oenobeer

This is an ode to the new world fruit bombs. The 49% of Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Syrah from Sonoma explodes into a galaxy of ripe red fruits, centered on strawberry. Dry and dangerously drinkable, this Oenobeers has a definite vinous character. 10.6%abv

30cl (10oz) Pour - $12      TASTER - $7     GROWLER $35

Dictum Factum (Said and Done) - Stout

This is the Oenobeer take on an American Stout. With a generous 25% of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, the tannins play delightfully with the roasted malts and deliver a dry, complex, balanced and drinkable beer. 6.9%abv

30cl (10oz) Pour - $8      Taster - $3.50    GROWLER $20

Recioto Denveris (Denver Recioto) - Dessert Oenobeer

This might be our most unusual Oenobeer yet. Our first step into the unknown world of dessert Oenobeers. Resembling in alcohol, acidity and body a sweet wine one would generally savor at the end of a meal. Gorgeous lacing and aromas of forest floor and wild berries coated with chocolate. The taste moirros the nose and the acidity and tannins from the 23% Petit Verdot blow the finish through time. 12.8%abv

20cl (6.75oz) Pour - $12      Taster - $7    GROWLER $35

L'Amico Avaro (The Greedy Friend) - Imperial Stout


A well thought collaboration with our friends at River North Brewing.

We wanted to find a grape varietal that could marry the intense

charactewr of River North’s famous Avarice Imperial Stout without

corrupting it. A smart addition of 10% of Merlot grapes grown in

Washington gives this Oenobeer leathery, earthy notes and promotes

the already present coffee and chocolate aromas. 11.9%abv.

25cl (8.5oz) Pour - $9      Taster - $5    GROWLER $25

Oximonstrum (The Oximonster) - Port Oenobeer

Oximonstrum is made with 35% Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes from Piemonte, Italy. This Oenobeer is purposefully microxigenated to create a profile similar to an aged port wine. The first Oenobeer ever made of its kind. 17.25%abv

20cl (6.75oz) Pour - $12      Taster - $7    GROWLER $35

Vino Veritas (Truth in Wine) - Tannic Quad

We serve this unusual Oenobeer flat, although it does have a Belgian Quad malt bill and character. We extracted all the tannins possible from the 29% of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes we sourced from Sonoma, yet the vinous character goes a long way. The strong ABV, the tannins and the malt bill blend into a surprising jolt to the palate, while a dominating "killer" yeast isolated in Italy and typically used in structured bold red wines, creates a solid aromatic profile that is nicely contoured by the Spanish cedar wood we infused into the beer. 16%abv

25cl (8.5oz) Pour - $10      Taster - $6    GROWLER $30




Giostra D'Alcol - Carousel of Alcohol.        13

Barbera d'Asti, Campari & Cedrata.

Rosa Bianca - White Rose.                        13

Campari, Rose Liqueur, orange juice

& drops of liquid anise.

Milano/Torino - MiTo                              13

Red Vermuth & Campari

Americano                                      13

Red Vermuth, Campari & soda

Negroni                                         13

Red Vermuth, Campari & Gin

Sbagliato                                       13

Red Vermuth, Campari & Prosecco

Bellini                                            13

White peach nectar & Brut

Spritz Veneziano - Venetian Spritz             13

Prosecco, Aperol & soda

Garibaldi                                       13

Campari & orange juice


Tito's Vodka                                              9

Purus Italian Vodka                                    11

Hendrick's Gin                                          9

Malfy Italian Gin                                      10

Brugal Rum                                               9

Casaamigos Reposado                              11

Casaamigos Blanco                                  11

McCallan 12                                           19

Buffalo Trace Bourbon                                13

Bulliet Bourbon                                         10

Stanahan's Colorado Whiskey                     9



Kim Crawford

Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand 2018

Alois Lageder

Chardonnay, Alto Adige, Italy 2016


Vinho Verde, Portugal 2017

Dr. Loosen 'Dr. L'

Riesling, Mosel, Germany 2016


A to Z Wine Works

Pinot Noir, Oregon 2015

Rodney Strong

Cabernet Sauvignon, California 2016

Badia di Coltibuono 'Cetamura'

Chianti Classico, Oregon 2016

Matteo Correggia

Roero/Nebbiolo, Piemonte, Italy 2014



Prosecco Brut, Veneto, Italy 2017

Giovanni Arcari 'Solo Uva'

Franciacorta, Lombardia, Italy

Infinite Monkey Theorem 'Back Alley Rosé'

(250ml) Denver, USA



Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite & Ginger Beer


Bottled still or sparkling water