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"I've never had anything like it"

                                                                                                -pretty much everyone seen in


24th & Champa - Denver

Monday - Saturday 12:00pm-10:00pm, Sunday 11:00am-10:00pm

An osteria was originally a roadside stop where travelers could rest and get a drink and some home-cooked food. There was never a menu with the chef offering whatever was available that day. Some modern Italian restaurants use the name Osteria to evoke the simplicity and authenticity of those places. The authentic Italian dishes on the menu reflect our Italian heritage.

An oenobeer is a beer/wine hybrid with each beer using a different wine grape in its fermentation. We didn't invent this idea, but we are the only brewery in the world solely dedicated to this concept: Oenobeers. 

Our founder, Alex Liberati, was born and raised in Rome, as was our chef, Marta Biasotti. At our table, visitors will savor the finest pastas, Italian breads, mozzarella, charcuterie meats and gelato all made in-house according to ancient Italian recipes and traditions. Guests will also discover the only brewery in the world devoted to the exploration of Oenobeers-a beer/wine hybrid with each beer using a different wine grape in its fermentation - presenting a whole new range of flavors, textures and taste for guests to explore. 


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